What Are Skins?

What Are Skins?
You may have heard of 'skins', or 'vinyl wraps', or 'decal stickers'. They're a cost-effective way to decorate your favorite devices. We also think they're awesome for those of you who prefer to frequently change the aesthetics of your everyday tech.
Are they basically just stickers?
Short answer, yes. Not the typical childhood stickers you used to play with, though. These stickers won't rip into pieces upon removal, and won't leave residue. There's a lot of care and attention to detail that go into making each and every skin.
So... high-quality stickers?
Absolutely. They can be. Some can also be absolutely damaging. If you use quality vinyl, such as 3M or Avery-branded vinyl, that's great, but it still doesn't guarantee your device won't get damaged. Each and every device has varying levels of compatibility with different adhesives. Any respectable company will do its due diligence before releasing skins for any new console or device.
If I don't want a skin, what are my alternatives? 
Great question. Skins aren't for everyone. 
If you want more protection, you'd get a 'case' or 'cover'. They provide more protection than a skin, and can add bulk if that's your thing. Sometimes you can pair them with skins, sometimes you can't. There are many types of cases that range in their flexibility and fit. Generally, the stiffer ones don't pair well with our skins as they can scratch it, and even your console or device. The more flexible ones tend to be made of either silicone or TPU plastic. They can, but don't always work with our skins.
If you're not worried about protection, you could get 'shells'. We say that because they're simply replacing the original parts with custom parts. We think these are pretty awesome. They've got a clean, OEM look. These are somewhat harder to do though, so if this is your thing, have some patience, watch a few installation videos, drink some lavender tea, and you should be fine. 
Should we buy skins from you, StickyBunny?
We trust ourselves and hold ourselves to what we believe are pretty high standards. We also pride ourselves in manufacturing dual-layered skins for that added protection. However, that doesn't mean you should trust us willy-nilly. Do your due diligence. Get what's good for you. And be sure it doesn't damage your hard-earned toys. It doesn't have to be from us. That being said, it does totally make our day when you do decide to trust us with your tech.
If you do have any more questions, feel free to head over to our Contact Us page to send us an email. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks for checking us out.

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